Case Studies

Our customized approach helps organizations overcome their marketing challenges enhancing existing promotional strategies as well as integrating with the latest in social networking and mobile based marketing tools.

Webinar Series

Client - Top 20 Fortune 500


Client needed to meet recruitment goals for a webinar series. They were unable to meet goals using current recruitment methods. Client partnered with good works to meet their registration and attendance goals.

Primary target: Physicians, Prescribers (NP, PA)



Over 7 web conferences

  1. 175 registrants over 7 web conferences
  2. 75 participants over 7 web conferences
  3. Average of 10.7 attendees per web conference
  4. 43% Conversion rate


Existing registration outcomes had proven lackluster, revealing a gap between our client’s expectation and reality. Registrations using the GWH platform exceeded their expectations. Using a charitable incentive can be a powerful way to increase registration for an event.

We experienced an almost 50% surge in our conversion rate. Nothing we tried previously had anywhere close to those results. 

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