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Our customized approach helps organizations overcome their marketing challenges enhancing existing promotional strategies as well as integrating with the latest in social networking and mobile based marketing tools.

Digital Sales

Client - Top 150 Fortune 500

Health Care Providers were invited by sales representatives and supported by email invitations from our HCP database.



Over a 10 month period, an average monthly recruitment rate of 96 Health Care Providers was achieved for a total program recruitment of 1,064.


An impressive cohort of 1,064 dedicated healthcare clinicians actively engaged in an enriching educational program, embodying a collective commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Their participation underscores the vitality of ongoing education in enhancing clinical expertise and fostering a culture of excellence within the healthcare community.

"Within the span of a mere 10 months, the collaborative dedication of clinicians to an educational program stands as a testament to the profound impact that collective commitment can achieve in advancing knowledge and enhancing the quality of healthcare.”

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