Build stronger, lasting relationships with your audience


Our award winning, customized approach helps organizations overcome their marketing challenges enhancing existing promotional strategies as well as integrating with the latest in social networking and mobile based marketing tools.

Our clients gain a competitive access advantage in the marketplace. The platform delivers your marketing message to your target audience. 


When you connect our platform to your marketing outreach initiatives, you are doing more than just incentivizing engagement, you are building stronger connections with your audience by supporting any of the more than 1-million public non-profits of their choice. We make it easy to engage with purpose.


Our patented, government approved platform allows for inducement free engagement. We provide granular, real-time customer level data to your sales and marketing teams, helping your organization to strengthen relationships, improve access, and facilitate meaningful dialog.


We provide any size business the capability to immediately align with ANY public nonprofit they would like to promote to their audience.  Cause Activec is your connection to this unique cause marketing platform. Let us change the way your think about cause marketing.

Our Work


Build lasting and Stronger relationships with your target audience.

Goodwill from customers greatly benefits businesses by fostering loyalty, positive word-of-mouth promotion, and an enhanced reputation. Satisfied customers become loyal patrons, spread favorable experiences to others, and contribute to a strong brand image. This positive cycle not only boosts revenue but also fortifies the business's resilience, differentiates it from competitors, and paves the way for sustained growth.

97% of participants rank their experience on our marketing platform either good, very good or excellent with 56% ranking it as excellent!


Cause Active provides the tools to turn your current sales and marketing initiatives into purpose-driven campaigns. An overwhelming number of consumers believe a brand should have a purpose they personally support. Utilize our platform to align your marketing with any charity of their choice. Engage with purpose.
Purpose-driven business campaigns align a company's core values with social or environmental causes, fostering authenticity and engagement. These campaigns leverage the brand's influence to create meaningful impact while resonating with customers who value businesses contributing to a larger societal good.

97% engagement rate vs. 2% for competitors


The unique ability to align with any of the 1-million public nonprofits each member of your target audience may support, deduct 100% of the costs associated with supporting nonprofits while marketing dollars earn interest.

This innovative approach not only promotes charitable giving but also maximizes the value of marketing investments by generating ongoing financial returns, effectively turning marketing expenses into socially impactful investments.

27% participation rate in our campaigns vs. 7% for competitors


Assess your audience with an engagement assessment. Receive the response data at both an aggregate and individual level. Have confidence your campaign is getting through to your audience and your messaging is on target. Aggregate and individual data derived from survey responses by individuals offer invaluable insights into collective trends and individual preferences, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and tailor strategies effectively. This data-driven approach empowers companies to refine their offerings, enhance customer experiences, and achieve a deeper understanding of their target audience's evolving needs.

43% increase in customer registration for live events. 53% increase in attendance for live events


Cause Active is lead by a team with decades of experience working within the healthcare industry, manufacturing, retail, nonprofits and within the federal government. Team members have marketing patents, composed the federal regulations, have direct relationships with the major nonprofits and access to the top industry thought leaders.

The industry and regulatory experience of ​Cause Active equips us to adeptly navigate complex market landscapes and ensure strict adherence to compliance standards on behalf of our clients. This expertise not only streamlines operations and builds trust but also empowers us to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities, ultimately delivering tailored solutions that align with our clients' specific needs

Over 60 years of combined experience.

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